A downloadable game for Windows

This was our first Ludum Dare and we dreamed BIG! DinoGrow is a fully functioning online dinosaur survival simulator! You can choose to be either a Raptor or a Triceratops, up to 4 players per match!

HOW TO PLAY When you enter the game create a lobby, or see if others have been created. Create your name and ready up!

Spawn your Dinosaur, Run around, try and survive, attack other players!


Attack : Left CLick

Keyboard/Mouse Move : WASD

Move Camera : Mouse

Quit: Alt+f4

HOW WE DID IT Game Engine - Unity Sound - Audacity All Art assets purchased from asset store.


Cody Conroy & Patrick Coridan, Web developers by day, aspiring Game developers.


DinoGrow.zip 55 MB